What is PowerSefer?

PowerSefer is an e-seforim reader app and library. Our unique technology preserves the classic format of traditional Jewish books, while offering all the advantages of electronic texts.

How much does it cost?

Tablet apps cost $29.99 (or similar in other currencies), and smartphone apps cost $19.99 (or similar). The one-time purchase includes unlimited e-seforim downloads.

Desktop apps (for Windows and Mac) are $49.99.

What platforms are supported?

PowerSefer is currently available for the iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets (including Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Nook Color and Nook Tablet), and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

PowerSefer is also available for desktop and laptop computers running Windows or Mac OS X.


What seforim are available?

See our seforim page for a complete list of books currently available. New seforim are added weekly, and are available immediately for download from within the app.

Do you have English translations available?

We currently do not offer any English translations and currently have no plans to do so in the future. However, the app includes an integrated Hebrew/Aramaic-English dictionary, which allows you to look up the definition of any word instantly.

Do any of your seforim retain the pagination (tzuras hadaf) of the printed edition?

All of our seforim are in a text format to allow them to be comfortably viewed on a variety of devices and at any text size. As such, most of our seforim do not maintain the original pagination.

However, due to the high demand for a traditionally-paginated Talmud Bavli, we have begun uploading a tzuras hadaf edition of Talmud Bavli. Currently, a few volumes have been added, and we plan on completing the project over the next year.

How can I be informed when new seforim are added?

The most recent seforim are available under חדש on the Download screen. We send out Twitter updates for the weekly additions, and email updates for the major additions.

How can I request a specific sefer?

Contact us to request specific seforim. If we know that there is demand for a sefer, we will give it priority in our digitization process.

How much room will the seforim take up on my device?

Our seforim are distributed in a compact format, and in general are smaller than 1 MB each. You can choose which seforim to download so as not to waste space on your device. Even if you choose to download the entire library, it will take up approximately half of 1 GB.

Mobile App

Is the app usable offline?

Yes! An internet connection is only required to download seforim, and for the full-library search feature.

How can I remove a sefer from my library?

In the bookshelf view: Tap on the bookshelf beneath the sefer until a delete icon appears. Tap the delete icon to remove the sefer.
In the list view: Swipe on the sefer from right to left until a delete icon appears. Tap the delete icon to remove the sefer.

Does PowerSefer support copy and paste?

Yes. Long press on any word until the word is highlighted and a mini-menu appears. Adjust the selection by dragging the circles on either side of the selection until the desired text is highlighted. Press the Copy button on the menu to copy the text.